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Great News! 

September 14, 2018

If you are an apartment complex needing professional cleaning and use Compliance Depot, we are happy to announce that we submitted all of our insurance paperwork to ensure compliance and safety for our business to serve you. This was a great opportunity to build a trustworthy and credible business for Elite Maids and Cleaning Services while working with property managers. Yayyyy!!!

On the job

September 27, 2018

Our team was "out and about" last week looking at a beautiful facility to prepare for a cleaning bid. We know how to have a good time, while enjoying the opportunity to serve our clients! Do you think this should be our Halloween costumes? :) 

How hiring a cleaning or maid service company can enhance your quality of life. 

October 3, 2018

We came across this interesting article on reasons how one person hired a cleaning service company and how it positively influenced her quality of life. This is exactly why we are in business! Our founder, who currently works in the mental health field in Knoxville, TN, educates his clients in family therapy, on the importance of family-work-life balance, which is represented in the Four Burners Theory. According to this article, assistant professor at Harvard, Dr. Ashley V. Whillans found in her research project that people navigate trade-offs between time and money, and those individuals who spend money to save time in their lives are found to be significantly happier than those who spend it on material goods. As result, hiring a cleaning service company helped reduce cleaning stressors, which allowed her more time for other things that enhanced quality of life and happiness. That is what we want for you! Here is the article if you are interested: Click here. Please let us know how we can serve you!

Here are some time saving tips our housekeepers suggest to maintain your home. 

October 8. 2018

1. Avoid using the phone.  We know this is easier said than done, but think about it, if you would put your phone away for 30 minutes and avoid those fun sites, and we are talking about you Pinterest and Facebook (LOL), you will have more quality time for cleaning.

2. Dust and vacuum.  Start from the top of the room to the bottom. Dust the curtains, blinds, mantles, etc...and when you are done, start to vacuum. Quick tip: Make sure you empty your vacuum before using it. This helps you avoid recycling the dust. Get the clutter out of the vacuum, empty it, and then start vacuuming.

3. First dust and vacuum, then mop. You may be saying "duh," but this is an important tip. You will be overworking yourself, and there is nothing worse than having clumps of dust being piled up on the walls when mopping. Remember, quality of work is more effective, and timesaving, than quantity of work. Okay, let me make this simple, quality over quantity :)

4. Start off by picking up the easy rooms. We suggest to pick up the rooms with less house traffic first. Trust us, we have kids, and there is nothing more frustrating than you "dominating" a cleaning session in the living room, and when you turn around to attend to other things around the house, the living room is back to a "disaster." Therefore, to increase motivation and cleaning flow, get some confidence by cleaning the low traffic rooms, and then work your way to those high traffic rooms. 

5. Put dishes in the dishwasher and let it run. Get the dishes out of the sink and put that investment you have in the kitchen to the test. Let the dishwasher be your friend. Remember, the top shelf of the dishwasher is safest for those valuable dishes (e.g., glassware) and plasticware.

5. Use disinfecting all-purpose cleaners. There is nothing better than using a product that is versatile. Disinfecting All-purpose cleaners are great for different areas around the house rather than using one specific cleaner for every surface. We are not saying to replace it with everything, but it could help you save more time while you clean.  Quick tip: Make sure you read the labels for all cleaners to make sure they are working to your specific cleaning needs. 

6. Have as much fun as possible. Trust us, we know how stressful cleaning can be at times. But there is nothing better than having everyone who is living at the house gone for the day, and having the whole house to yourself. This is when you roll up your sleeves, play your favorite music, and start cleaning, singing, and possibly using the mop as a dance prop. Have fun and enjoy the process! Quick tip: Avoid dancing on wet floors, or dancing on any surface where you can fall and hurt yourself. Please be safe :)

A common question we here is "What are some eco-friendly products?"

October 9. 2018

There are plenty of eco-friendly products to clean with; therefore, it was difficult for us to provide an in-depth review of all products. We searched online to see what cleaning researchers and experts have truly evaluated when it comes to eco-friendly products, and here is an article we found on Today. Disclaimer: we have not fully tested all products, so the opinions and evaluations are from the cleaning experts from Here you go: Click here


October 16. 2018

We are proud to announce our partnership with HomeAdvisor for our residential house cleaning and maid services. We are officially screened and approved with HomeAdvisor, which we passed their screening process. Here is our profile with them: Click here. This is another way for us to serve our clients and meet the needs of our community. 

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Shark APEX DuoClean

October 21. 2018

We just got a new toy! Our Shark APEX DuoClean has an advanced anti-allergen complete seal. It emits 10X fewer particles than HEPA standards require! It is Sunday, and we are preparing for the coming week to serve our clients with the best cleaning equipment!

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Please visit our Facebook page

October 23, 2018

As part of our commitment to engage with our clients and community, we will be providing continuous updates of Elite Maids and Cleaning Services on Facebook. Updates will include current events, photos, cleaning tips and news, and special offers.  Feedback is always wanted and needed to maximize our potential, and your voice means a lot, so we can make a positive difference in our community, and in our clients' lives.  Please click here to access our Facebook page. 

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House Cleaning Tip

November 19, 2018

House Cleaning Tip: Here is a recommendation to help you clean more efficiently, and with high quality. Invest in an elite vacuum! It makes a huge difference having a vacuum cleaner that works. And when we say "works" we mean it deeply picks up hair, crumbs, dust, and all the other little things stored away in the carpets, or in the corners of your house. Especially invest in a vacuum that is low maintenance, lightweight, and has attachments to get the job done in all areas. We use Shark equipment, and have recently purchased one that has a special technology that disentagles hair while cleaning, so you don't have to. Our team loves it! We hope this helps!

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Happy News!

June 19, 2019

Not only do we provide house cleaning services in Knoxville, TN, but we also now have happy news! We are so happy announce that we have the opportunity to assist Associa Tennessee and their elite HOA clients to clean some of their clubhouses. This is a great opportunity for us to develop a strong relationship with Associa Tennessee, and most importantly, develop great relationships with our community to make a positive difference. This is another aspect of our approach to serve ALL CLIENTS. We are always seeking opportunities to work with local and national businesses to support our local community for commercial and house cleaning services in Knoxville, TN and surrounding counties! 

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Pet-Safe/Friendly House Cleaning Tips

June 25, 2019

Providing house cleaning services in Knoxville, TN and surrounding counties is a passion of ours, and we always listen to our clients. So in this section we want to share with you pet-safe cleaning tips based upon an article we found, which we recommend reading.

While serving our clients, it’s one of the best feelings when we are greeted by their pets. “Pets are like family” as our founder says who has one dog, two outdoor cats, two horses, and tons of critters at his Ranch 😊 House cleaning is a passion of ours, so we do our best to meet the needs of our clients, but one thing we don’t forget, are the furry friends we also have to serve. We have recently been asked of pet cleaning tips, so today we want to share an article with you that summarizes our approaches to help our clients keep a pet-safe and friendly home environment. Here are the quick tips that Giehl’s (2019) article focuses on.

1. Clean from the top down

2. Use steam to clean

3. Place a mat under your pet’s bowl

4. Stock up on pet-safe cleaners

5. Inspect your pet’s toys

6. Don’t underestimate your vacuum

7. Use baking soda to help neutralize odors

8. Disinfect toys

9. Do not dry clean pet’s cloths

10. Use VOC-free dishwasher detergent

11. Put nylon leashes and collars in with your pet’s laundry

12. Get ahead of extra shedding

13. Protect your pet from pests

14. Check your pet’s emergency information

15. Keeping your home clean

Here is the article that goes each tip with some suggestions and recommendations. We hope this helps!

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Please Help Us! Free House Cleaning Service to a Family in Need

October 12, 2019

PLEASE SHARE🙏 As part of our mission to serve others and our community, our team wants to help a family in need by offering a free cleaning. We know what it’s like to have a family crisis, and the amount of stress that incurs 😔 Therefore, we want to help a family, in the Knoxville area, who is dealing with a family crisis that could use a cleaning to help alleviate stress. Please provide us with the family’s contact information and their family crisis. Contact us at [email protected] or can call us at (865) 294-8244. Thank you so much 🙌🙏

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House Cleaning Tips for the Fall

October 12, 2019

As we are house cleaning our homes in Knoxville and surrounding counties, here are some things we notice to at our homes that can help prepare you for the fall. 

 Simple Fall House Cleaning Checklist

• Dust all ceiling fans

• Wipe down baseboards

• Replace batteries from smoke detectors & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

• Change HVAC filters

• Clean air vents

• Clean chimney

• Clean inside & outside of light fixtures

• Remove hose from outside faucet to prevent freezing

• Flip mattresses

• Put away summer decorations

• Clean behind & under the washer & dryer

• Dust, vacuum, &/or mop behind furniture & appliances

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February 5, 2020

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We hold ourselves accountable to provide elite house cleaning services in Knoxville, TN and surrounding counties. From our deep cleaning packages to our regular cleaning services, we customize each house cleaning service to our clients' needs, which they really enjoy and appreciate!

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