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Maid Services

Our maid services are ideal for your housekeeping needs. Whether it is for your home, apartment, condominium, vacation home, or your Airbnb.  Our professional maids will make sure your home is clean and organized on your customized schedule.  Listed below are services we provide with our maid services. We also offer customized cleaning to fit your needs. 

sofa-house-clean-room-living-room-furniture and household

Tidying Up Living Spaces and Bedrooms

This includes dusting.

Cleaning Bathrooms

Includes, but not limited to, cleaning and sanitizing toilets, bathtubs, showers, sinks, and countertops

Cleaning Kitchen

We offer, but not limited to, cleaning and sanitizing the sink, countertops, appliances, and wiping down cabinet doors.  

Cleaning Floors

Our maids will vacuum the rugs and mop hardwood floors, tiles, and/or linoleum floors.

Cleaning Indoor Windows

Windows will be cleaned, at arm's length. 

Extra and Final Touches

We will empty all trash cans, change linens, fluff pillows, make beds, and straighten areas for the final touch.